Important news of China friction seal material industry in 2018

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1. The new regulations for production license of friction sealing materials are officially implemented

On September 23, 2018, the State Council issued the decision on further reducing the Management Catalogue of industrial product production license and simplifying the examination and approval procedures, and then the State Administration of Market Supervision issued the notice on the implementation of the decision of the State Council, the new version of the general rules for the implementation of industrial product production license and the friction materials and non-metallic sealing products The detailed rules for the implementation of production license (II) (friction material product part) and the detailed rules for the implementation of production license of friction material and non-metallic sealing product (III) (non-metallic sealing product part) are determined to be implemented from December 1, 2018.

The most important changes of this new regulation for our friction sealing material industry are: first, from December 1, 2018, the national certification has been changed to the provincial quality supervision department, which is responsible for the approval of certification; second, the pre certification product inspection has been cancelled nationwide immediately, and the enterprise has submitted the qualified inspection report within one year issued by the qualified inspection agency at the time of application. The inspection report shall be one of the type test report, entrusted product inspection report or government supervision inspection report. The items of the submitted type test report or entrusted product inspection report shall cover the items specified in the detailed rules for the implementation of the production license; The third is to carry out the post site review nationwide. After the enterprise submits the application and product inspection report and makes the commitment to ensure quality and safety, it can obtain evidence after passing the formal review. The issuing authority shall arrange the post site review of the enterprise within one month after the enterprise obtains the evidence. The site review shall focus on the inspection of necessary equipment and raw materials into the factory according to the requirements of the newly revised implementation rules Customs, factory inspection and other systems, as well as enterprise commitments; fourth, implement the "green channel" policy for the expired renewal enterprises, and exempt from on-the-spot verification if the full renewal enterprises make the commitment that the production conditions have not changed; Fifthly, strengthen the withdrawal of non-conforming enterprises. For the certified enterprises that submit false inspection reports or fail to pass the post on-site examination, the issuing authority shall directly make a decision to cancel the certificate. For the certified enterprises that make false promises, conceal relevant information or provide false inspection reports, etc., they shall be dealt with in accordance with the relevant provisions of the administrative license law; Sixthly, for products with different approval authority at the same level in the catalogue of production and operation license (according to the implementation rules), when applying for license issuing, extension, change of license scope, name change, replacement and so on, according to the wishes of the enterprise, a production license can be issued according to the principle of "one enterprise, one license", and the leading product certificate number shall be selected by the enterprise as the certificate number; 7. There shall be no asbestos in the brake linings of disc brakes for automobiles, drum brakes for automobiles, clutch linings for automobiles, industrial and agricultural machinery (non winding type), brake shoe components of motorcycles and mopeds, and brake lining components of motorcycles and mopeds. If there is asbestos, it is impossible to obtain evidence; Eighth, the detailed rules for implementation clearly stipulate that once the standard is revised, the enterprise shall organize production according to the new standard from the date of implementation of the standard, and the on-site Post Examination of the enterprise with production license shall be carried out according to the requirements of the new standard.

2. The government standard system of brake linings for automobiles in China has been basically improved

One of the most important standards in China's friction material industry, GB 5763-2018 national compulsory standard for brake linings for automobiles, was approved and issued by the State Administration of market supervision and administration and the National Standardization Administration on November 19, 2018, and implemented on October 1, 2019.

This standard has been revised for six years. After five large-scale discussions, more than one year's verification test, two times of public consultation nationwide, it was notified to the WTO in June 2018. After repeated discussion and modification, it has finally become one of the first batch of compulsory national standards issued after the reform of the national standardization system.

On December 28, 2018, the National Standard Committee issued No. 17 notice, which issued GB / T 37208-2018 non metallic paper based wet friction materials, GB / T 37209-2018 non metallic rubber based wet friction materials, GB / T 37218-2018 brake linings for high speed motor vehicles, GB / T 37224-2018 drum brake linings for automobiles, GB / T Five national standards for friction materials, such as 37269-2018 disc brake pad assembly for automobile, are formulated by our industry and implemented from November 1, 2019.

In this way, in addition to the relevant national and industrial standards for test methods previously formulated, the government standard system for automotive brake linings in China has been basically sound. In the next step, the product standards for automotive brake linings with higher quality requirements will be considered as group standards. The promulgation and implementation of the national standard of brake linings for high-speed motor cars will greatly promote the improvement of China's high-speed railway standard system. The promulgation and implementation of national standards for wet friction materials laid a foundation for the localization of wet automatic transmission.

In addition, JJF (building materials) 144-2018 specification for calibration of commercial vehicle brake inertia test bench, JJF (building materials) 146-2018 specification for calibration of drag testing machine for friction performance of road vehicle brake linings, JJF (building materials) 147-2018 specification for calibration of small sample scale inertia friction and wear performance testing machine, JJF (building materials) 156-2018 specification for calibration of passenger vehicle brake inertia test bench were also issued by MIIT in September 2018 Approved for release, implemented from December 1, 2018. So far, our test equipment has standards to follow.

In addition, GB / T 20671-2006 classification system and test methods of non-metallic gasket materials series of national standards and JC / T 2052-2011 rolling asbestos free fiber gasket materials, JC / T 2053

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